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Our Vision

Everyone feels a sense of belonging and connection, and can live the life they want.

Our Story

Since 1994, we’ve been providing independent, trusted, specialist industry expertise, because we care. We have assisted more than 15,000 people (2,500 in the last year alone!), through some of life’s most difficult and transitional times.

With guidance from our voluntary Board of Directors, Clinical Governance Committee and Consumer Advisory Group, Proveda’s leadership and future direction is in good hands.

Formerly Community Care Northern Beaches (CCNB), our story began as a locally focused, grassroots community organisation based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Our first services were in aged care and dementia support, however today we have evolved to offer a wider range of services that support our community.

To learn more about our transition from CCNB to Proveda, click here

Our Purpose

We enable individuals and communities to grow, connect and feel supported through collective expertise.

Our People

It is the way that our people work together in bringing their own unique skills, life experience and industry expertise, that is our strength.

We work well because we work together with only one aim in mind, improving the lives of our customers.

We work across both specialist and generalist teams, to find the right resource or answer, and give each other support so we know we are much stronger together, for our customers.

Our Values


People and relationships drive everything we do, because we achieve better outcomes together. We recognise everyone as individuals, and people connected to community and culture. We create opportunities to nuture both.


We want to be measured by the quality of our actions. We build trust by demonstrating honesty, authenticity and responsible decision making.


We act with purpose. We listen, learn, and we act on behalf of those we serve. We are committed to ongoing learning and improving.


We explore new ideas and bravely push boundaries. We are not afraid to do hard things, or tackle tough decisions with compassion, to get the best outcomes for people.


We are good stewards of an important legacy, connected to our past and focused on the future. We act with consideration of our people, environment, finances, and our ability to continue having a positive impact for the long term.
Proveda has built a solid reputation as an organisation deeply committed to building strong, enduring and valuable partnerships that deliver benefits for partners, and participants.

We work with government and the wider health industry to be a skilled and capable referral and implementation partner, delivering sustainable individual and community health and wellbeing outcomes.

Partnering is central to our mission. We enjoy not only sharing our knowledge and programs in as many ways as we can for wider benefit, but our other goal is to foster a collective approach, by working with and supporting other organisations at a grass roots level, to build stronger community-level capacity.

Registrations and Accreditations

We have an ongoing commitment to quality and benchmarking at Proveda. Over the years, we have taken the time to ensure that we meet the highest quality standards in the sectors that we operate. This ensures that our customers get the best information and the best service possible. Some of our registrations and accreditations include:

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