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What's It All About?

We are all impacted by death in our lives.  It might be for the people we love, or it might be our own.

Our Dying to Know Day public health campaign runs throughout the year, with an annual day of recognition on August 8.  Campaign activities and events that support the day, start in earnest around May and continue to build through to August.

Each year we refresh the theme and we’re excited to share that we have just launched the 2024 Dying to Know Day campaign.  The focus this year is about personalising final arrangements and building community.

Our mission is to help all Australians to feel supported and inspired by their own wishes for their final arrangements and help to dismantle the misconception that end of life planning must be a solitary endeavour.

Together, we can break down the stigma and sense of awkwardness associated with conversations about death, dying and grief.  It is a key part of Proveda’s ongoing commitment to supporting the community with this important stage of life. This event is supported by interested individuals and community organisations from across the nation, that share the same belief about the importance of planning ahead regarding end of life.

Events include workshops, casual talks, film screenings, and the hosting of Death Cafes.  All registered events will be publicised on our website and in social media.  If you are interested in finding out more, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter in the black bar below.

Take Action

Dying to Know Day is about helping individuals to ‘Get Dead Set’.  By clicking on the boxes below, you can navigate through to see a range of events, tools and resources, as well as other opportunities that will help you on your own personal journey to ‘Get Dead Set’.

We encourage you to get involved. Through participation, you increase your knowledge of end of life options, which empowers you to make personal decisions that feel right for you.  It also arms you with knowledge that you can use to assist loved ones to plan for their own end of life.  Please take the time to explore everything that’s on offer and if you would like more information email

Get Dead Set

Free resources available. We are committed to ensuring all Australians are equipped with the resources they need. Let us help you too...

Each year we have many events supporting matters of end of life, and across the Country, passionate community members and health professionals register their events as part of the promotion of Dying to Know Day, which is acknowledged formally on 8 August. If you’re interested in seeing what’s on offer, and the events offered by others as part of the campaign, click the link above.

Last year, with community support right across Australia, it was exciting to have local communities lead over one hundred different inspiring events, such as talks, presentations, and Death Cafe catch ups. As we get closer to Dying to Know Day itself, we will actively post all related events across Australia.