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It Feels Good to Give

There are many opportunities to make a real difference in peoples lives. Often we refer to the ways you can give as providing time, talent or treasure. By offering time, you could volunteer to assisting the vulnerable in our community; by offering talent, you could host a Belong Club session and share your knowledge or a particular skill; or by offering treasure, you could donate to our fundraising efforts and support local grassroots charities, or alternatively, to all the work we do in supporting and building a stronger community for us all.

The Proveda Foundation

The Proveda Foundation is an established organisation (previously known as The Community Capital Foundation (CCF)), and plays a significant role for Proveda.

We started the Foundation five years ago in 2019, to enhance the resilience and depth of community level compassion and care, by providing an active and practical support investment vehicle. The Foundation helps to augment promising ideas, ignite innovation, and support ground-breaking work done by others locally in their own communities.

There is no doubt, the Australian community at large has experienced significant challenges in recent times, and there has been an unmet need for support. Through our Foundation, we are  proud of the work we are doing, to fill these gaps.  We look forward to continuing the great work achieved so far by CCF,  now under the auspices of the Proveda Foundation.

Where We Made a Difference

Granted to EPIC to provide peer support to parents and carers of teens in crisis.
Granted to Youth One Eighty to establish peer support groups for youth mental health.
Granted to Harrison Riedel Foundation to update their 'Your Crew' youth safety app.
Granted to Waves of Wellness to deliver surf therapy programs to troubled teens.

Our Vision, Purpose and Values


Everyone feels a sense of belonging and connection, and can live the life they want.


We enable individuals and communities to grow, connect and feel supported through collective expertise.


People. Integrity. Action. Courage. Sustainability.

Pay It Forward

We can all make a difference with a little bit of effort.

There is nothing more rewarding than genuinely helping to improve someone’s life through action. Why not take up one of our various opportunities to get involved?

Whatever your passion, past hobby, interest or desire to learn, or even if you are just great company and up for a chat, you can help someone else through donating your time.

Did you know that one in four Australians experience loneliness? Or, that many of our volunteers do so because they miss their own family members? Spending time with people where you both have a desire for human interaction, creates a meaningful and mutually beneficial connection.

By volunteering to support a member of the community, you can contribute to improving someone’s life in a practical and meaningful way. We welcome your valued contribution.

Talk to Us Today!

If you’re interested in finding out more about the extensive range of services that Proveda provides, please leave your details and we’ll get back to you shortly.