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Building Stronger Communities by Turning Intention into Good

Welcome to the Proveda Foundation.

The Proveda Foundation is the new name for what was previously known as the Community Capital Foundation (CCF). It plays a significant role for Proveda, as we look to build a strong and sustainable Australian future in enhancing community wellbeing and related outcomes.

The Foundation (under CCF) was established in 2019, to provide a support and investment platform to enhance the resilience and depth of community level compassion and care. The Foundation helps to augment promising ideas, ignite innovation, and support ground-breaking work done by others locally in their own communities.

There is no doubt, the Australian community at large has experienced significant challenges in recent times. The Proveda Foundation (under the auspices of CCF) has focused on ensuring those most vulnerable, who often fall through the gaps, are supported and given a chance to flourish.

The Proveda Foundation exists to enhance the success of local grassroots organisations who have been identified as doing important work that delivers on our purpose, ‘to enable individuals and communities to grow, connect and feel supported through collective expertise.’


How it works

Each year the Proveda Foundation opens submissions from organisations in the wider community (registered charities), to apply for grants ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 to support their work locally.

By September each year, the Foundation determines the area of focus or theme, for the Foundation’s grants. In the past, we have been delighted to support and help expand the work of local organisations operating in key areas such as youth mental health, carer support, volunteering, helping the elderly, and also those that are socially isolated.

Involving the wider community is crucial to ensuring the ongoing success of this work. We also seek to stimulate grant applicants to consider the role of local mentors, leaders, and volunteers within the grant application process itself. We aim to enable the expansion and depth of support that resides in the community as a principal element within the process.

Our desire is to help the serious work of real people, solving real problems on the ground, and to have fun!

A Word From Us

Recent Grant Recipients

We are proud to have supported these organisations through the Proveda Foundation:

Dance Health Alliance
Marion Street Theatre for Young People
We Care Connect
Top Blokes
Rize Up
Empowering Parents in Crisis
Harrison Riedel Foundation
One Eighty
Waves of Wellness

Other Ways to Give

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If you’re interested in finding out more about the extensive range of services that Proveda provides, please leave your details and we’ll get back to you shortly.