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About the Foundation

As the Proveda Foundation, we will continue to support grassroots organisations by way of an annual grant application process. We are committed to enhancing local communities’ social and cultural outcomes, thus improving wellbeing for the wider community.

We support the work of other organisations committed to achieving positive community outcomes as we extend the work, we are already doing at Proveda, to build stronger collaborative communities that care for others.

The Proveda Foundation is the new name for what was previously known as the Community Capital Foundation (CCF). It plays a significant role for Proveda, as we look to build a strong and sustainable Australian future in enhancing community wellbeing and related outcomes.

The Foundation (under CCF) was established in 2019, to provide a support and investment platform to enhance the resilience and depth of community level compassion and care. The Foundation helps to augment promising ideas, ignite innovation, and support ground-breaking work done by others locally in their own communities.

What a Grantee Says

Our Purpose

The Proveda Foundation further supports delivery of Proveda’s overall purpose, to ‘enable individuals and communities to grow, connect and feel supported through collective expertise’.

In so doing we aim to:

  • Foster generosity and facilitate connection between those who want to give and those seeking to make change for the better,
  • Build stronger communities by supporting smaller, not-for-profits and empowering citizen engagement,
  • Produce meaningful change of social issues through awareness and activity.


Our Focus

In recent years, the focus of the Proveda Foundation has been to identify good intention in the community and through receiving donations, and providing a structured grants program, help fill those gaps.

We recently supported a number of local organisations who were helping to address isolation, support of voluntary carers or were providing programs to assist with improving youth mental health.

All our causes have been local and operating to strengthen a wider range of support groups and communities.

We are committed to making a positive lasting change by harnessing the collective strength of individuals and entire communities to create practical steps towards a shared future together, is our goal.

Our Governance

The Proveda Foundation is governed by a Trust, which, in turn is governed by a Board of Directors.  The Directors oversee the annual application and approval process of all grant submissions from applicants, as well as make decisions regarding the successful grants.

The Board highly value the experience and opinion of people who live and breathe the social issues facing society and take advice from independent community members for each granting round.

Our Directors

Chris Liell-Cock

Chris joined the Board in 2014, was appointed Treasurer in 2015, Vice Chair in 2017, and was elected to the position of Chairperson in December 2021. He has over 20 years’ experience as a director, company secretary and audit committee member across several organisations and industries.

Chris Hunt

BSc Environ.Services MSc Biotech., FCMA, MAICD
Joining the Board in 2015, Chris has over 30 years of commercial experience, with most in Finance Director/CFO/COO roles across a range of industries (publishing, media, business services, software) in both multinationals and small start-ups . He is currently the COO/CFO of CAMMS.

Virginia Hazard

BLaws, MLaws, MAICD
Virginia is a commercial lawyer and consultant. She has over 25 years' legal and executive experience with large international and highly regulated corporations in pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, foods, and OTC products. Her expertise includes strategy, policy, risk management, licensing, and conflict resolution. Virginia joined the Board in 2022.

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