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Turning Intention to Good

The Foundation seeks to supports organisations through both grant-giving and community-building initiatives.

We focus on identifying what would ‘shift the dial’ on important issues affecting local communities.  Through a close working relationship with community and partner organisations, we determine where we can have the most impact.  We believe it is important to support the smaller grassroots organisations who seek to make a difference in their own right.

Through our grant giving program, we aim to empower these smaller organisations to grow their own impact, which, in turn, benefits community on a broader and wider scale. The support we provide helps them to grow capability and capacity, which, ultimately benefits us all.


Youth Mental Health

The past work of the Foundation has helped, amongst other things, the identification of what would shift the dial on youth mental health in our community. We had extensive conversations with young people, youth workers, psychologists, and youth advocates to determine where best to provide our support and what would really make a difference.

The outstanding community participation in the youth mental health fundraising Spin-a-thon event is a great example. As a grassroots community fundraising event, we successfully raised over $25,000 which was granted to local surf therapy charity, Wave of Wellness Foundation, to support the development of 40 young people on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with their mental health.  The event sees teams come together and ride (on stationary ‘spin’ bikes) on Manly Corso to raise money for local youth mental health charities.

Our grant recipients:

Dance Health Alliance

One in every five Australians is diagnosed with a condition that impairs their control over their bodies.

We provided a $7,500 grant to Dance Health Alliance for the “Dance Like No One is Watching” Program to establish a video library and online classes keeping thirty seniors and others engaged in dance and movement.


Guniwirra provides holistic programs focused on breaking the cycle of trauma and disadvantage among Aboriginal families in Sydney’s inner suburbs.

We provided an $18,500 grant to Growing Cultural Connections through Aboriginal Ancestral Footsteps to support a group of young Aboriginal mothers and their children to experience excursions to Sacred Sites for Aboriginal Women and support to develop a framework to measure and record outcomes.

Marion St Theatre for Young People

The experience of men and boys’ mental health often goes unrecognised.

We provided a $20,000 grant towards the production of a ground-breaking theatre production by the Marion Street Theatre for Young People, bringing together fathers and sons to support vulnerable young people and promoted their program through our own mental health campaign.

We Care Connect

Over 30,000 children live under the poverty line on the Central Coast and in the Hunter.

We supported We Care Connect with a $10,000 grant to their wheels on the bus program that gave 307 disadvantaged families prams, car seats, carriers and sixteen newborn-suitable car seats. We also mentored to develop an outcomes measurement framework.

Top Blokes

In the next 48 hours, a young man will take his own life. The Top Blokes program has demonstrated that young males are four times better off after experiencing the Top program and having a mentor compared to those that haven't.

We provided a $30,000 grant to expand to Northern Sydney and promoted their program through our own mental health campaign.

Rize Up

Established in 2015, RizeUp is a community-driven organisation made up of committed men and women who provide support to the many families affected by domestic and family violence.

We provided a $17,500 grant to cover the cost of comfort packs for children affected by family and domestic violence in Northern Sydney.

Empowering Parents in Crisis (EPIC)

EPIC work to empower parents and carers of teens in crisis by creating a supportive community that is safe, anonymous, and non-judgmental.

Our grant of $23,050 to EPIC provided over the phone, in person and video link peer-support to parents and carers of teens in crisis. The project will provide two programs that interlink to ensure parents and carers of at-risk teens are supported, informed, and gain access to community connection.

Harrison Riedel Foundation

Seven out of ten young people who need help are not getting it. The Harrison Riedel Foundation aims to increase help-seeking by youth in emotional distress and reduce the rate of self-harm to zero.

We contributed $30,000 to Harrison Riedel Foundation to upgrade their ‘Your Crew App’, which is designed to foster and encourage accountability and help-seeking among youth.

One Eighty

Over 75% of mental health problems occur before the age of twenty-five. One Eighty provide mental health support to promote wellbeing and reduce suicide risk.

We contributed $24,299 to One Eighty to establish ‘Open Up’ Northern Beaches, which is a unique group peer-support program for youth mental health. Open Up sessions allow participants to build protective factors which are important in preventing the risk of suicide.

Waves of Wellness

Mental health surf therapy charity, committed to changing lives by delivering for purpose, innovative support programs for people experiencing mental health challenges.

We contributed $25,000 to the Waves of Wellness program to provide the opportunity for 40 young people who needed support with mental health to participate in the evidence-based surf therapy program.

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