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Dementia and Memory Loss, We Care

Proveda has helped many hundreds of people (and their families) continue to live fulfilling, and healthy lives following a diagnosis regarding memory loss or dementia.

Our organisation has had the benefit of a longstanding and deep commitment to this important area of health and wellbeing. In fact, helping those experiencing memory loss and dementia has been part of our service offering from the very early days.

Not only do we have a depth of experience in supporting all types of people and families managing life with memory loss, onset and progression, but we are able to offer an extra level of personal care by connecting people through our various community programs.

Our Chatter ‘Cino coffee meet ups are hosted by our Dementia specialist who provides advice for carers and people suffering from memory loss. They provide a friendly environment to talk to others facing similar issues. We know that carers need support too, and this is why we have developed casual opportunities for people to meet and chat. Our strong network of volunteers also assists families by providing comforting social support.

If you are concerned about your memory loss, or that of a family member, you can request an assessment by our clinical care team of registered nurses who will assess cognitive health and make suggestions for how to improve a family living environment for a dementia sufferer. Learn more about our clinical care services.

Memory loss and dementia can also be associated with other conditions such as depression and can mean people experience harmful thoughts. If you are having these thoughts, it is important to discuss these with your doctor, who may be able to refer you to one of Proveda’s other programs for support.

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What Our Customer Say

What We Do

As with every other service we provide, Proveda will always put you at the centre of everything we do. As skilled practitioners who have experience in supporting people and families prepare and plan for the memory loss of a loved one, Proveda has an exceptional level of practical experience with managing this issue, so everyone in the family is supported and prepared.

Regardless of what stage the memory loss is at, we can assist you by preparing a management plan, with practical steps to support you along the way. We also provide our regular Chatter ‘Cino dementia coffee catch ups and run a range of programs via our Belong Club. We will also keep in touch via telephone and email.

Depending on the circumstances, we work with everyone who wants to be involved in the preparation and planning for what lies ahead. We provide education on the positive steps that can be taken early in the process, to ensure everyone is supported adequately. We understand the importance of having clarity for the important decisions that may come in the future, and we can provide advice on the most appropriate approach. Our program provides practical and ongoing support as memory loss starts to occur and progresses, so that there is a day-to-day local support network.

Where possible, the person who might be starting to experience memory loss will be very involved in the design of the care plan, and everyone impacted will be able to live their life fully, being informed and completely prepared.

Dementia and memory loss can have a significant impact on both the person experiencing it and those who love them, especially as it progresses, but early detection is very valuable. From our experience, we know that by being prepared and putting the necessary steps in place the impact on loved ones can be lessened, and the appropriate supports can be activated.

How We Support People:

Helping to identify signs of dementia
Providing practical tips and tricks to assist memory loss sufferers
Accessing a range of care advice and coordination services
Identifying additional services available to support people living with dementia
Providing advice on how to prevent and support complex and challenging behaviours
Helping to navigate the aged care service environment and finding appropriate dementia specific support services; and
Providing opportunities to personally link with other people living with dementia and their carers.

Why Choose Proveda?

How we look after you differs, as we provide you a little more.

Regardless of whether you have an aged care package with us, you’re looking to change providers or you require additional clinical support, Proveda offers a broader, deeper, and wider circle of support to help you in so many more ways.

From casual coffee catch-ups for dementia advice, volunteers to provide social support, or access to the Belong Club where you can learn new things and interact with others, Proveda offers more opportunities for connection, compassion and holistic care.

When you are looking for more than just aged care support at home, Proveda offers a little more.

Some of the benefits of our aged care services include:

More choice and flexibility

Over 250 service providers ensure we will find a ‘best fit’ for your individual needs. We will bring our expertise to the table, so if your situation changes in any way, we can adapt and advise you appropriately.

Extra layers of support

We provide an extra level of care that money can’t buy for you, your carer and your family too. Automatically benefit from freely accessing our additional community programs designed for building new friendships, learning, support and activities.

Greater independence

We are only ever in your corner. Our independence ensures we can choose and get you the very best help you need, from a wide array of service providers, taking into account your particular needs now and in the future.


As a not-for-profit community organisation, we strive to keep our care and package management fees to a minimum and you’ll only ever pay for what you use, no more. No commissions and no exit fees, everything is transparent.

People who care

Be reassured, we genuinely care. We will help you any way we can and share our knowledge. We hope that each and every time you deal with us, you get the support and assistance you need and we are only ever a phone call away should you need it.

Care Circles

Your care is managed by a key contact, but you have the additional benefit of being supported by a dedicated team, so you’re never left without someone who can support you or that understands your needs.

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