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NDIS Support from Disability Specialists

Since 2017, we have been an ‘early start’ provider of of coordination of supports (COS level 2) and Psychosocial Recovery Coaching (PSRC) on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Our team have experience achieving positive outcomes for a variety of people with disabilities , including intellectual, neurological, physical and psychosocial.

We now support over 500 people with a disability (and their carers) each year. As a NDIS participant with Proveda, you will be supported by a team of coordinators who are genuinely focused on finding the right supports for you, and ensuring you get the most from your funding. We continue to welcome the opportunity to bring our expertise and knowledge of services in the local area, to help navigate the best NDIS options for you.

We see that having access to coordination support is just the start. Our specialist skills have not only been developed specifically for NDIS participants who have either a physical or intellectual disability, but they are focused on delivering real outcomes. We can also appropriately advise and deliver care outcomes for anyone with a psychological disability, neurological disorders or autism, and also provide a layer of help for carers. Most importantly, each participant will have a trained coordinator or team of coordinators, (called a Care Circle), supporting them at every step along the way.

Support Focused on Ability Not Disability

We utilise our considerable knowledge, connections, and referral systems to ensure all our wider Proveda resources are available for the maximum benefit of each NDIS participant.

We carefully plan and mobilise everything around each funded participant, to ensure the entire program works better for you. Our focus is to ensure you get expert advice, appropriate and professional referrals, and access to help at each stage of the NDIS plan, so you always get the help you need and reach the outcomes you seek.

We consolidate a detailed care plan and progress review for each participant, so that your plan is looked at carefully for quality outcomes, and we only bill on the outcomes agreed. Needs can vary greatly, and our wide experience in disability and care more generally, assists positive results. For some, it is the need to feel safer in a current living environment or to engage more fully in society, and for others, it might be the need to improve medical support. We do more than simply connecting you to existing providers as part of the program, and go the extra mile to better link you to improved access, and the quality services you need, creating a sustainable pathway and engaging network of care.

Importantly, family supports and carers
are also our focus.

We draw upon considerable organisation-wide experience in helping carers to be successful in their role. Because we support and engage with carers on a regular basis through our aged care, mental health and wellbeing programs, we understand how important this role is. We are committed to adding an extra layer of personal support for carers, through a variety of our community programs.

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