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We Focus on Your Recovery

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching (PSRC) is a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) support program for participants with a psychosocial disability who require support managing complex mental health challenges in their daily lives.

Proveda offers experienced recovery coaches who work one-on-one with you to determine your needs and goals, and then build a plan to step out the method and milestones to achieve these outcomes. Our recovery coaches work to support you (or a loved one), to regain control of your life, return to optimal health and wellbeing, and progress towards maximising your potential. This is done using the Recovery-Oriented Practice Framework.

Our Approach to Psychosocial Recovery is Holistic

A recovery-oriented approach represents a movement away from, a primarily biomedical view of mental illness, to a holistic approach to wellbeing that builds on individual strengths.

We focus on the person as an individual and not just their condition. Following this approach, we understand that everyone is different and should be supported in a way that empowers them to make choices that suit their goals and aspirations, regardless of their emotional experiences.

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Our Approach Puts You in the Centre


More Collaborative

We work collaboratively on your priorities and create a tailored plan. We will meet to assess the current situation and discuss what kind of assistance is needed.

Build Your Plan

We work alongside you (and your family or carer), to develop a clear plan of action with agreed goals and a focus on outcomes.

Connecting You With Resources

We’ll help identify and organise services to aid build your capacity and help improve fulfilment in life and wellbeing.

A Supported Journey

We work alongside you and your carers to continually review goals and plans. As each goal becomes accomplished, another goal will be set.

What Our Customers Say

Let Us Help

Proveda understands how important it is to find the right support, particularly when you require a little extra assistance due to mental health challenges . We take a holistic approach and have been a trusted provider for thirty years. We are well known and respected in the industry, having developed specialist skills specifically for NDIS participants who need a psychosocial support coordinator.

Our psychosocial care approach will assist with:

Supports and services
Equipment or changes to the home environment
Barriers and links to community programs
Connections to allied health professionals
Informal systems of support or advocacy

You will be encouraged to make your own choices, helping you along the way.

Why Choose Proveda?

How we look after you differs, as we provide you a little more.

Regardless of whether you have your NDIS funding with us, or you’re looking to change providers, Proveda offers a broader, deeper, and wider circle of support to help you in so many more ways.

From guidance offered by our clinical care, mental health and social work teams, or support by our volunteers, Proveda provides broader support options. You also have free access to the Belong Club where you can learn new things and interact with others. Proveda offers more opportunities for connection, compassion and holistic care.

When you are looking for more than just disability support, Proveda offers a little more.

Some of the benefits of our disability services include:

More choice and flexibility

With extensive knowledge of the key industry providers, we can determine a ‘best fit’ for your individual needs. We will bring our expertise to the table, so if your situation changes in any way, we can adapt and advise you appropriately.

Extra layers of support

We provide an extra level of care that money can’t buy for you, your carer and your family too. Automatically benefit from freely accessing our additional community programs designed for building new friendships, learning, support and activities.

Greater independence

We are only ever in your corner. Our independence ensures we can choose and get you the very best help you need, taking into account your particular needs now and in the future.


As a not-for-profit community organisation, we strive to maximise your funding and you’ll only ever pay when agreed outcomes have been achieved. No commissions and no exit fees, everything is transparent.

People who care

Be reassured, we genuinely care. We will help you any way we can and share our knowledge. We hope that each and every time you deal with us, you get the support and assistance you need, and we are only ever a phone call away should you need it.

Individual care coordination

All our Psychosocial Recovery Coaching customers, have their own individual care coordinator. This ensures they fully understand you, your challenges, and your goals, and can work with you to achieve them. We also have back-up care coordinators who can assist you should your care coordinator be unavailable.

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