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Compassion From Beginning to End

Did you Know? Only 53% of Australians feel able to talk to another family member about end of life.*

We are about building compassionate communities, from beginning to end.

As important as living well is, Proveda is equally committed to ensuring that all Australians die and grieve, in ways that are most meaningful to them. With the addition of The Groundswell Project Australia to our stable in 2021, we are now better equipped, and better informed, to educate and help individuals and communities to plan for end of life.

Our wider circle of care already encompasses emotional and social supports for people impacted by suicide and bereavement, and now it also extends to more, socially impactful work, building a compassionate and responsive, wider community, that ensures people are able to die well too.

Our organisation has had extensive experience in helping people in the community prepare for this last stage of their lives, and move towards it with security and a sense of contentment. It is every person’s right to ‘die well’, and we are proud to be leading the way on this important topic.

*YouGov online 2022 survey


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