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Compassion From Beginning to End

Did you Know? Only 53% of Australians feel able to talk to another family member about end of life.*

We are about building compassionate communities, from beginning to end.

As important as living well is, Proveda is equally committed to ensuring that all Australians die and grieve, in ways that are most meaningful to them. With the addition of The Groundswell Project Australia to our stable in 2021, we are now better equipped, and better informed, to educate and help individuals and communities to plan for end of life.

Our wider circle of care already encompasses emotional and social supports for people impacted by suicide and bereavement, and now it also extends to more, socially impactful work, building a compassionate and responsive, wider community, that ensures people are able to die well too.

Our organisation has had extensive experience in helping people in the community prepare for this last stage of their lives, and move towards it with security and a sense of contentment. It is every person’s right to ‘die well’, and we are proud to be leading the way on this important topic.

*YouGov online 2022 survey


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10 Things to Know Before You Go Workshops

At Proveda, we believe it is important that people plan for death, just as much as they plan for birth and life. We also believe that it requires an ‘all of family’ or ‘all of community’ approach as it often impacts more than one individual.

Our ’10 Things to Know Before You Go’ workshop can be attended by an individual, or alternatively, we can tailor one to run as a workplace activity. The aim is to empower you and/or organisations at large, to be both educated and socially responsible.

The workshop is a comprehensive 2-hour online session, that will help build your knowledge and provide useful resources to assist you to better understand and plan for either yourself, or a family member for end of life. The workshop is very practical and provides an overview of various documents (eg Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advance Care Directives etc) that you may want to consider thinking about. In addition, it provides helpful advice and outlines simple steps you can take toward initiating what can often feel awkward conversations, with family members.

Previous workshop participants have left feeling more empowered with knowledge, about navigating different aspects of the end of life system, and 80% of participants reported that they took direct action in end of life planning as a result of the workshop.

If you are interested in attending a workshop, click the button to book.

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What Does the Workshop Cover?


Practical assistance

Writing a Will, Appointing an Enduring Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian, Planning your funeral and burial.

Broader social elements

These can impact our personal experience of end of life, so it is more positive such as; strengthening social networks and communicating our wishes.

Small Online Group

This workshop is offered in a small group setting with online facilitation and interaction, enabling sharing and learning from each other’s experiences.

What We Do

We are a leader in compassionate community care, and our involvement in building foundational social supports within the wider community. Our specific expertise in end of life planning and education, has grown significantly since The Groundswell Project Australia, joined the Proveda family in 2021.

Our approach is to not only help you find the care service and supports you need in looking after your overall wellbeing, but also to be a leader in building and delivering a wide range of services in compassionate care for all stages of life, including death.

Our approach is always to ensure we we can use our wider circle of support experience and services to provide more holistic care, for as many in the community as possible.

Why Choose Proveda?

After thirty years as an independent, not-for-profit organisation, helping more than 15,000 people successfully navigate the health and community care systems, we are proud to now be able to provide an even wider circle of support for every life stage. We draw upon our experience and additional services such as our clinical expertise, experience in supporting people with dementia and other conditions, assisting carers with advice and support (including opportunities for social connections) through the Belong Club, as well as a range of other services to tailor the right solution for you.

Our expertise in community care coordination, home care and disability package set up and management, is coupled with additional skills in mental and clinical health support, community education and engagement for both carers and participants, and other specialist services.

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Capture What's Important to You in Life

There is huge personal power in capturing what has been most important to you, or a loved one, in life. We are pleased to be able to offer these useful templates, that might make all the difference to how you feel, how you reflect, and also, importantly, how you capture your life experiences.

Nothing is more enriching, powerful and generous than taking the time to honour your death wishes. Here are some questions to consider that you may not have asked yourself:

  • Who would I like to have look after me?
  • Where do I want to die, at home or in hospital?
  • How would I like to be buried?
  • Is there any medical treatment I do not want?
  • What message do I wish to leave?

We should all make time to ensure our loved ones are supported as best as they can be, and also ensure that the people we know, who for whatever reason, may not have someone to support them, are supported.

Our Proveda end of life resources empower and enable people to plan ahead, and then to die well, with their voice strong and clear. This assists everyone around them to provide the best support possible in the time ahead.

End of Life Checklist

Not sure where to start with your end of life planning? Use our helpful and free checklist to get you started. It is a list of the main documents you may need to complete and suggestions of other things you can do to prepare.

Your Emotional Will

What is an ‘Emotional Will’? Emotional Will is all about your legacy, the things you want to convey in terms of your thoughts, values and memories. It is not a legal document and you are free to be creative with it!

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Events and Programs

“End of life deserves as much beauty, care and respect as the beginning.” Anonymous

Death is a part of life, and at Proveda, we consider it is a very important part.

Proveda’s history in community care has been very much anchored in a deep understanding that having the support of a local and caring community, makes a huge difference to the wellbeing and contentment of individuals at all stages of their lives, but especially as people age. Our community programs, along with the support of our volunteers, are carefully designed and put in place to support the care of others and their families. With this in mind, we have new additional support programs for when we are at our most vulnerable – as we get closer to end of life.

Did you know that the vast majority of people wish to die at home, and yet less than 20% of them actually do so? As a proud inaugural member of the Compassionate Communities movement here in Australia, we have a direct understanding and knowledge about the importance of death and dying well.

You may have even heard about our ‘Dying to Know Day’ public health campaign, which is all about providing tools and resources to break down the stigma and sense of awkwardness associated with end of life conversations. But you might be unaware that at Proveda, we have a goal to further support and expand understanding about this important topic. We now offer support for both individuals and organisations who would like to support their staff in the workplace, to be better educated about planning for what comes later in life.

To see what end of life events and programs are available, search ‘End of Life’ in our Events section

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Ways for Individuals to Get Involved

We offer a range of options for individuals to plan for end of life, such as workshops, events and planning tools.

By attending one of our ’10 Things to Know Before You Go’ workshops, you can learn about some of the important considerations for end of life.  These are held online on a quarterly basis.

Our Dying to Know Day event has been running since 2012 and has been widely supported by interested individuals and community organisations across the nation that share the same belief about the importance of end of life education and planning.

Largely carried out during the months of July and August, there are events and activities held in local communities that provide opportunities for learning and discussion about death and dying. One of these initiatives, is called a Death Cafe. You can either attend one or facilitate one with the assistance of our training guide.

Learn more about our 10 Things to Know before you go workshops

Learn more about Dying to Know Day

Learn more about Death Cafes

Ways for organisations to get involved

Does your organisation believe in supporting you and your team to be more educated regarding the importance of death and dying well? After all, we are all affected by the death of loved ones, and the impact of grief and loss can determine how we show up at work and interact with others.

Are you an organisation that can contribute to broader conversations about death and dying, and would you be interested in supporting activities we run in the community?

Are you an organisation directly involved in the care of people providing end of life services such as a Hospice, Hospital or Residential Aged Care Home?

We have a range of ways you can be involved directly and indirectly. Some of our programs and events can be tailored to support powerful staff initiatives and community giving experiences. We can help educate people in your workplace by facilitating a 10 Things to Know Before You Go workshop, or how you could be involved in volunteering, or facilitate a Death Cafe.

If you are more directly involved in the care sector itself, we have a number of ways to support end of life experiences for your patients or residents. These could include simple training on how to have a conversation with a family member or alternatively, how to initiate a Creative Legacy program.

Learn more about our 10 Things to Know Before You Go workshop

Learn more about facilitating a Death Cafe

Learn more about our Creative Legacy program

Learn more about Volunteering

Why Choose Proveda?

How we look after you differs, as we provide you a little more.

Regardless of how you come to use our services, Proveda offers a broader, deeper, and wider circle of support to help you in so many more ways. Our broader organisation’s work is to build capability and capacity for both individuals, organisations and the community at large. We believe that we can all benefit from a stronger and more compassionate community, and through our services and programs we can help all Australians to both live and die as they choose.

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Compassionate Communities

We have been a proud leader of the inaugural Compassionate Communities Australia movement, under the auspices of The Groundswell Project Australia, (now owned and operated by Proveda).

Compassionate Communities grow connectedness and compassion, working together, to create a supportive environment for those in need.

Compassionate Communities is a practice that openly encourages, supports and celebrates caring for each other during life’s most testing times, especially those associated with life threatening or life limiting illness, chronic disability, being a carer, frailty, ageing, dementia, dying and grief.

Compassion is the community’s responsibility, that’s me, you, all individuals, families, peers, neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools, health services, government, faith based, voluntary and other organisations and services. (Def: Compassionate Communities Australia)

This approach is active in multiple countries and was found to be a feasible option for people in Australia from a report commissioned by the Federal Government in 2018.


Proveda has been, and will continue to be, active in the growth of the Compassionate Communities movement in Australia as an important public health approach to end of life, underpinning many of our programs and services.

The learnings from the National Compassionate Communities Forum held in 2018, were captured in a comprehensive research report that highlights common struggles and triumphs, various communities experience, and it also made recommendations for the new Australian Compassionate Communities movement at large.

Also collated as part of this important, groundbreaking work in Australia, a community development toolkit, was a practical outcome from this work. The toolkit shares community insights and experiences from nine communities in Australia and offers ideas and inspiration for a community-led approach to the experience of end of life.

We are delighted to provide you with this important information which can be downloaded from our news and resources page along with an informative video from Murray Hall Community Trust in the UK. The research informing these resources was facilitated by Western Sydney University’s Caring at End of Life research team.

Download the toolkit

Your Workplace Is Our Community Too

In line with Proveda’s desire to be active in the growth of the Compassionate Communities movement in Australia, we offer all Australian organisations the chance to be better skilled in end of life compassion. Proveda, through its background with The Groundswell Project Australia, has a significantly rich past experience in end of life programs and events.

We Welcome Enquiries from your Organisation

Your people, their colleagues and friends, now have the opportunity to become part of the new peer-to-peer support community that we are proudly building nationally. Our new education service creates and expands staff understanding with regards to the benefits of being prepared, getting more involved, and having more resources to help navigate end of life support. It also involves establishing a peer-to-peer support network within your organisation.

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News & Resources

Proveda has a rich history, through its merger with The Groundswell Project Australia in end of life resources, news articles and materials.

You will also find access to considerable end of life resources on the Dying to Know Day website.  Take your time to explore all the planning tools and documents that will help get you underway.

To search our news and resources section use the button below.

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