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Compassionate Communities

We have been a proud leader of the inaugural Compassionate Communities Australia movement, under the auspices of The Groundswell Project Australia, (now owned and operated by Proveda).

Compassionate Communities grow connectedness and compassion, working together, to create a supportive environment for those in need.

Compassionate Communities is a practice that openly encourages, supports and celebrates caring for each other during life’s most testing times, especially those associated with life threatening or life limiting illness, chronic disability, being a carer, frailty, ageing, dementia, dying and grief.

Compassion is the community’s responsibility, that’s me, you, all individuals, families, peers, neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools, health services, government, faith based, voluntary and other organisations and services. (Def: Compassionate Communities Australia)

This approach is active in multiple countries and was found to be a feasible option for people in Australia from a report commissioned by the Federal Government in 2018.


Proveda has been, and will continue to be, active in the growth of the Compassionate Communities movement in Australia as an important public health approach to end of life, underpinning many of our programs and services.

The learnings from the National Compassionate Communities Forum held in 2018, were captured in a comprehensive research report that highlights common struggles and triumphs, various communities experience, and it also made recommendations for the new Australian Compassionate Communities movement at large.

Also collated as part of this important, groundbreaking work in Australia, a community development toolkit, was a practical outcome from this work. The toolkit shares community insights and experiences from nine communities in Australia and offers ideas and inspiration for a community-led approach to the experience of end of life.

We are delighted to provide you with this important information which can be downloaded from our news and resources page along with an informative video from Murray Hall Community Trust in the UK. The research informing these resources was facilitated by Western Sydney University’s Caring at End of Life research team.

Download the toolkit

Your Workplace Is Our Community Too

In line with Proveda’s desire to be active in the growth of the Compassionate Communities movement in Australia, we offer all Australian organisations the chance to be better skilled in end of life compassion. Proveda, through its background with The Groundswell Project Australia, has a significantly rich past experience in end of life programs and events.

We Welcome Enquiries from your Organisation

Your people, their colleagues and friends, now have the opportunity to become part of the new peer-to-peer support community that we are proudly building nationally. Our new education service creates and expands staff understanding with regards to the benefits of being prepared, getting more involved, and having more resources to help navigate end of life support. It also involves establishing a peer-to-peer support network within your organisation.

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