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Events and Programs

“End of life deserves as much beauty, care and respect as the beginning.” Anonymous

Death is a part of life, and at Proveda, we consider it is a very important part.

Proveda’s history in community care has been very much anchored in a deep understanding that having the support of a local and caring community, makes a huge difference to the wellbeing and contentment of individuals at all stages of their lives, but especially as people age. Our community programs, along with the support of our volunteers, are carefully designed and put in place to support the care of others and their families. With this in mind, we have new additional support programs for when we are at our most vulnerable – as we get closer to end of life.

Did you know that the vast majority of people wish to die at home, and yet less than 20% of them actually do so? As a proud inaugural member of the Compassionate Communities movement here in Australia, we have a direct understanding and knowledge about the importance of death and dying well.

You may have even heard about our ‘Dying to Know Day’ public health campaign, which is all about providing tools and resources to break down the stigma and sense of awkwardness associated with end of life conversations. But you might be unaware that at Proveda, we have a goal to further support and expand understanding about this important topic. We now offer support for both individuals and organisations who would like to support their staff in the workplace, to be better educated about planning for what comes later in life.

To see what end of life events and programs are available, search ‘End of Life’ in our Events section

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Ways for Individuals to Get Involved

We offer a range of options for individuals to plan for end of life, such as workshops, events and planning tools.

By attending one of our ’10 Things to Know Before You Go’ workshops, you can learn about some of the important considerations for end of life.  These are held online on a quarterly basis.

Our Dying to Know Day event has been running since 2012 and has been widely supported by interested individuals and community organisations across the nation that share the same belief about the importance of end of life education and planning.

Largely carried out during the months of July and August, there are events and activities held in local communities that provide opportunities for learning and discussion about death and dying. One of these initiatives, is called a Death Cafe. You can either attend one or facilitate one with the assistance of our training guide.

Learn more about our 10 Things to Know before you go workshops

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Ways for organisations to get involved

Does your organisation believe in supporting you and your team to be more educated regarding the importance of death and dying well? After all, we are all affected by the death of loved ones, and the impact of grief and loss can determine how we show up at work and interact with others.

Are you an organisation that can contribute to broader conversations about death and dying, and would you be interested in supporting activities we run in the community?

Are you an organisation directly involved in the care of people providing end of life services such as a Hospice, Hospital or Residential Aged Care Home?

We have a range of ways you can be involved directly and indirectly. Some of our programs and events can be tailored to support powerful staff initiatives and community giving experiences. We can help educate people in your workplace by facilitating a 10 Things to Know Before You Go workshop, or how you could be involved in volunteering, or facilitate a Death Cafe.

If you are more directly involved in the care sector itself, we have a number of ways to support end of life experiences for your patients or residents. These could include simple training on how to have a conversation with a family member or alternatively, how to initiate a Creative Legacy program.

Learn more about our 10 Things to Know Before You Go workshop

Learn more about facilitating a Death Cafe

Learn more about our Creative Legacy program

Learn more about Volunteering

Why Choose Proveda?

How we look after you differs, as we provide you a little more.

Regardless of how you come to use our services, Proveda offers a broader, deeper, and wider circle of support to help you in so many more ways. Our broader organisation’s work is to build capability and capacity for both individuals, organisations and the community at large. We believe that we can all benefit from a stronger and more compassionate community, and through our services and programs we can help all Australians to both live and die as they choose.

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