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Capture What's Important to You in Life

There is huge personal power in capturing what has been most important to you, or a loved one, in life. We are pleased to be able to offer these useful templates, that might make all the difference to how you feel, how you reflect, and also, importantly, how you capture your life experiences.

Nothing is more enriching, powerful and generous than taking the time to honour your death wishes. Here are some questions to consider that you may not have asked yourself:

  • Who would I like to have look after me?
  • Where do I want to die, at home or in hospital?
  • How would I like to be buried?
  • Is there any medical treatment I do not want?
  • What message do I wish to leave?

We should all make time to ensure our loved ones are supported as best as they can be, and also ensure that the people we know, who for whatever reason, may not have someone to support them, are supported.

Our Proveda end of life resources empower and enable people to plan ahead, and then to die well, with their voice strong and clear. This assists everyone around them to provide the best support possible in the time ahead.

End of Life Checklist

Not sure where to start with your end of life planning? Use our helpful and free checklist to get you started. It is a list of the main documents you may need to complete and suggestions of other things you can do to prepare.

Your Emotional Will

What is an ‘Emotional Will’? Emotional Will is all about your legacy, the things you want to convey in terms of your thoughts, values and memories. It is not a legal document and you are free to be creative with it!

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