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You are Not Alone

Proveda offers support to individuals and families going through some of life’s toughest challenges. Whether you are, or someone you love is, experiencing suicidal ideation or you are bereaved by the loss of someone from suicide, we are here to support you.

As the Northern Sydney provider of the government funded program ‘The Way Back (NSW)’, we support people who have been hospitalised through attempted suicide or are struggling with suicidal ideation, by linking them with helpful services and assisting to build important safety plans.

Through our Wings of Hope program, we also provide support to families bereaved by suicide at a special annual gathering of remembrance.

Proveda is also proud to say that we recently gained Suicide Prevention Accreditation status, which acknowledges that the program is of the highest quality and provides a consistent standard of care to the people it helps.

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger,
Call OOO

24/7 Crisis Support Contact Numbers

Lifeline 13 11 14
Suicide Call Back Line: 1300 659 467
Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636

The Way Back (NSW)

With our extensive experience in delivering mental health programs over many years, Proveda is proud to be working with all local hospitals, community health teams and GPs, to provide support if you have presented to hospital following a suicidal attempt.

We are a local partner in delivering this important government program for all people in the Northern Sydney region and with extensive experience in mental health, we are well placed to stand alongside you in your recovery journey.

Our specialist and skilled staff are here to help, along with any assistance needed through our broader Proveda community support programs. We’ll take the time to ensure you are fully and practically supported by us.  Don’ forget, you are not alone.

A Personalised Way Back Coordination Process

This is a tailored program, where we surround you with all the elements of encouragement and support you need. It provides non-clinical, practical support in the community for up to three months, at no cost to you. We will be completely guided by your needs and connect you with relevant services, such as community groups and financial or relationship counselling.

Referral to our service is required by a hospital mental health team or other similar pathway.

Let Us Help

When you are referred to The Way Back (NSW), one of our care coordinators will work with you for up to three months to develop a personalised support plan which may include:

Encouraging and supporting you following discharge from hospital or a community mental health service.
Working closely with you to develop your own safety plan.
Referring and connecting you to clinical and community-based support services.
Helping you make, keep, and attend appointments with other services.
Supporting you to set and reach lifestyle goals e.g. housing, work, relationships, education.
Keeping you on track via regular phone or text, depending on what you prefer.

What Our Customers Say

Supporting Families Bereaved by Suicide

WINGS (We Inspire New Growth After Suicide) of Hope program was founded in 2007, and joined Proveda (formerly CCNB) in 2020.

It supports people and their families that are bereaved by suicide, by reducing isolation and preventing harm. It does this through providing resources, linkages and an annual memorial event that directly supports those in need.

It’s helpful for people to hear about coping strategies and resources used that promote growth and recovery, because it lets them know that no matter what they may be experiencing themselves, there is always hope.

Unlike The Way Back program, it is not government funded, and support to families is provided directly by Proveda through fundraising efforts and donations.

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Wings of Hope Annual Memorial Gathering to Remember those Loved and Lost

On International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day, a global day of remembrance initiated in the United States and held annually on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, Proveda hosts a memorial gathering at the Balmoral Headland in Mosman, Sydney.

This event provides an opportunity for families to support each other in their grief and remember those loved and lost. It is an opportunity to meet with others who have the same lived experience in a casual and informal setting. Morning tea is provided and the gathering is hosted by an experienced Proveda team.

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Why Choose Proveda?

How we look after you differs, as we provide you a little more.

Regardless of how you come to use our services, Proveda offers a broader, deeper, and wider circle of support to help you in so many more ways.

From access to social work teams, volunteers, hoarding and squalor experts, psychosocial recovery coaches, or clinical care nurses, Proveda provides broader support options. You also have free access to the Belong Club where you can learn new things and interact with others. Proveda offers more opportunities for connection, compassion and holistic care.

When you are looking for more than just mental health services, Proveda offers a little more.

Some of the benefits of our mental health services include:

More choice and flexibility

With knowledge of the mental health sector, we find the ‘best fit’ for your individual needs. We will bring our expertise to the table, to find the best support for you.

Extra layers of support

We provide an extra level of care that money can’t buy, for you, your carer and your family too. Automatically benefit from freely accessing our additional community programs designed for building new friendships, learning, support and activities.

Greater independence

We are only ever in your corner. Our independence ensures we can choose and get you the very best help you need, taking into account your particular needs, now and in the future.


As a not-for-profit community organisation, we are focused on you and not profits. Our sole aim is to help your personal wellbeing.

People who care

Be reassured, we genuinely care. We will help you any way we can and share our knowledge. We hope that each and every time you deal with us, you get the support and assistance you need, and we are only ever a phone call away should you need it.

What works best

All our mental health team understand the complexities and challenges faced by people struggling with ill mental health. They will work with you to develop a personal plan that will work best for you.

What does Suicide Prevention Accreditation Mean?

By The Way Back Support Service (NSW) gaining suicide prevention accreditation, it has had to meet six stringent Suicide Prevention Standards.  Importantly, the suicide prevention standards provide a level of confidence for the community, that programs accredited through the program (owned by Suicide Prevention Australia) are of high quality and provide a consistent standard of care to the people they’re designed to help.

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