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Providing services that ‘best fit’ your needs

We are pleased to be able to provide a range of specialist services to support individual needs and circumstances. Some of these services are government funded (for those residing in the Northern Sydney area), and some are just part of our wider circle of support.

We run programs such as The Way Back (NSW) that supports people with suicide ideation. Our social work services assist people with complex and challenging health and personal situations, such as hoarding tendencies. We offer dementia advice, clinical care services and home and personal technology solutions to help you live safely in the place you call home, for longer.

At Proveda, we believe it is important to find the ‘best fit’ solution for each individual and to make sure that people have access to the right support, whatever the circumstance. With thirty years’ experience in community care, and with specialised clinical care staff, there are many additional benefits to having Proveda as your care partner. We are uniquely able to access broader, relevant, health and allied networks, offer referral pathways of specialist care, and enable a more holistic and individualised approach.

Talk to us if you believe a family member or someone you know is struggling to get the necessary care they need due to disability or other circumstances. We are here to assist, so feel free to reach us directly or via a referral from a health practitioner, nursing staff or hospital social work team.

Regardless of how complex your current or impending circumstances are, or if you have any health or wellbeing concerns, nothing is too hard. We will get to know you and work with you to ensure you’re best placed and comforted with the full knowledge you need, providing you ongoing access to a wider circle of care, more holistic in nature than other options available.

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How is Proveda different?

How we look after you differs, as we provide you a little more.

Regardless of what direct service you have come to us for, the benefit of Proveda is that it offers a broader, deeper, and wider circle of support to help you in so many more ways.

From casual coffee catch-ups for dementia advice, volunteers to provide social support, mental health teams to provide informed community support options, or access to the Belong Club where you can learn new things and interact with others, Proveda offers more opportunities for connection, compassion and holistic care.

When you are looking for a broader and deeper level of support, Proveda offers that little bit more.

Some of the benefits of our mental health and specialist services include:

More choice and flexibility

Over 250 service providers ensure we will find a ‘best fit’ for your individual needs. We will bring our expertise to the table, so if your situation changes in any way, we can adapt and advise you appropriately.

Extra layers of support

We provide an extra level of care that money can’t buy for you, your carer and your family too. Automatically benefit from freely accessing our additional community programs designed for building new friendships, learning, support and activities.

Greater independence

We are only ever in your corner. Our independence ensures we can choose and get you the very best help you need, from a wide array of service providers, taking into account your particular needs now, and in the future.


As a not-for-profit community organisation, we are focused on you and not profits. Our sole aim is to help your personal wellbeing.

People who care

Be reassured, we genuinely care. We will help you any way we can and share our knowledge. We hope that each and every time you deal with us, you get the support and assistance you need, and we are only ever a phone call away should you need it.

Care Coordination

All our teams understand that everyone has struggles sometimes, and that complex health and personal issues can often feel overwhelming. They will work with you to develop a personal plan that will work best for you.

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If you’re interested in finding out more about the extensive range of services that Proveda provides, please leave your details and we’ll get back to you shortly.