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Clinical Care Assessment, Management and Monitoring

From time to time, having an objective clinical observation at home, can be good for everyone.

There is nothing more worrying than when a loved one is recovering from an incident. Be it an illness, a hospital visit (like surgery), or even a fall or accident at home. There are particular challenges that can occur, and this is especially true as a person ages. We offer greater peace of mind and reassurance for everyone when we conduct a clinical review to determine a person’s current state. This assessment can be organised by a care coordinator in consultation with the clinical care team.

The clinical assessment is done in consultation with you or a family member, and we take all the appropriate steps to adequately assess how to keep you (or a loved one) safe, at home. Our team will also introduce proactive strategies to help minimise risk and prevent clinical deterioration.

Whether you already have access to a Home Care Package or not, you can be assured that as a trusted partner, we’ll have your best interests at heart.  It’s like having another trained pair of eyes available for any given situation, and we find that working with the family is very beneficial when conducting any of the clinical assessments.

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Some of the clinical supports we can provide are:


Clinical Care Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of a person’s clinical care, identifying risks and implementing strategies to minimise risk and prevent clinical deterioration.

Falls Risk Assessment (FRAT)

The FRAT rates the risk of falls on a number of factors including falls history, medications, medical conditions, sensory loss, foot problems, cognitive status, continence, nutritional status and function.

Cognitive Assessment

Designed to track changes in cognition over time. It is designed to be suitable to assess cognition of people in their homes and is required for the Home Care Package Dementia supplement.

Medical Management and Support

Systematic assessment of a customer’s medication with the aim of adherence and minimising medication related concerns.

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What We Do

As with every other service we provide, Proveda will always put you at the centre of everything we do.

Our organisation not only provides services and supports for aged care package customers, but it also assists customers with complex health care needs through its social work program. A GP referral is required to access the program, which provides more complex and specialist assistance for many people and families experiencing various ageing, psychological or physical conditions.

Providing clinical care services is an extension of our care management, as it relates to an older person’s physical or cognitive function, capacity, condition and mental health, and is a crucial extra service we provide.

Information gleaned from a clinical assessment helps inform decisions around required supports, which in turn, helps the Care Circle teams provide the services needed to assist in maintaining independent living at home. Adequate planning and preparation for a safe home living environment is essential, and clinical care reviews can help with forward planning.

The Types of Services Available to You Include:

Clinical Care Assessment
Psychogeriatric Assessment Scale / Cognitive Decline
Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale (RUDAS)
Continence Assessment
Falls Risk Assessment (FRAT)
Wound Assessment
Medical Management and Support
Clinical Monitoring and Follow-Up

Why Choose Proveda?

At Proveda our approach is to not only help you find the service you need, but to also look at your overall wellbeing, and how we can use our wider circle of support services to provide more holistic care for you.

After thirty years as an independent, not-for-profit organisation, helping more than 15,000 people successfully navigate the health and community care systems, we are proud to be able to add clinical care to our service offering. This service reinforces our holistic approach to care and provides more support to our customers and their families.

Our expertise spans the community sector from aged care to disability and mental health. It is this depth of knowledge that proves valuable when dealing with customers who have complex needs.  Our informed staff can help triage the right solution for you, or a loved one, and the addition of clinical care services provides another layer of support.

We are confident that we can not only provide you a ‘best fit’ clinical care solution should you need it, but also, if appropriate, draw upon our wider circle of support services such as, our volunteers, dementia and carer advice or social connections through the Belong Club.

Some of the benefits of our specialist services include:

More choice and flexibility

Over 250 service providers ensure we will find a ‘best fit’ for your individual needs. We will bring our expertise to the table, so if your situation changes in any way, we can adapt and advise you appropriately.

Extra layers of support

We provide an extra level of care that money can’t buy for you, your carer and your family too. Automatically benefit from freely accessing our additional community programs designed for building new friendships, learning, support and activities.

Greater independence

We are only ever in your corner. Our independence ensures we can choose and get you the very best help you need, from a wide array of service providers, taking into account your particular needs now and in the future.


As a not-for-profit community organisation, we strive to keep our care and package management fees to a minimum and you’ll only ever pay for what you use, no more. No commissions and no exit fees, everything is transparent.

People who care

Be reassured, we genuinely care. We will help you any way we can and share our knowledge. We hope that each and every time you deal with us, you get the support and assistance you need and we are only ever a phone call away should you need it.

Team Support

Your care is managed by a key contact, but you have the additional benefit of being supported by a dedicated team, so you’re never left without someone who can support you or that understands your needs.

Fees and Charges

Our Clinical care services are charged at a flat hourly rate, download our fees sheet for more information.

Clinical care assessment fees can be deducted from a current Home Care Package with your consent or paid outright. Contact us for more information on payment options.

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