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Make a Difference Today!

We’ve been busy building a 150+ strong local volunteer community and supporter base, who care deeply about your wellbeing. Our volunteers and givers, ‘walk the talk’, always showing respect and compassion to every person involved with us.

Because we have so many interactions in the community, we pride ourselves at being particularly good at providing that little bit of extra helpful support, emotional connection or opportunities for more social engagement. We identify what will help you the most and can often find exactly the right person or activity for you, with many of our volunteers telling us that it is the friendships that emerge from the experience that make volunteering with us extra special. Many have told us they develop enduring friendships, for a lifetime.

We are lucky to have volunteers who host our “Connected Cafes” weekly in the northern suburbs of Sydney (Avalon, Narrabeen, Dee Why, Forest Way and Balgowlah). We also have volunteers who collaborate with One Meal, delivering weekly meals and fresh fruit and vegetables, and still others who run regular monthly events such as our book club, dancing classes and craft classes. In particular, we have a variety of popular activities in the Belong Club, and the Connected Cafes, that are fun and are always available.

There are many ways you can volunteer that needn’t be onerous. We welcome any contributions with open arms and encourage people in the community to give back to their community.

Meet Our Volunteers

We’re deeply grateful for our dedicated volunteers at Proveda, who generously give their time to uplift our local community. Engaging in activities like coffee chats, games, and walks, our volunteers bring joy and companionship to those in need. This National Volunteer Week, we sat down with Sissy Katz, Rob Woods, and Abi Benstead for an interview, where they shared their impactful experiences.

The Types of Services our Volunteers Provide:

Meal deliveries
Shopping assistance
Visits and chats
Walks and talks
Exercising pets
Hosting events
Help with paperwork
IT tech support (phones, computers)

Become a Proveda Volunteer

Our community volunteers make a difference in people’s lives in a number of ways.

Within the Northern Beaches region we’re in contact with people who are lonely or isolated due to family circumstance, have challenges with their mental or physical health, may have a disability or require some social support. We recruit and work with volunteers to meet these community needs. Subject to a Criminal Record Check, anyone over the age of 18 can be a volunteer – training is provided.

Proveda is proud to be able to deliver our Volunteer Program under the ACVVS Scheme which is funded by the Australian Government.

What Our Volunteers Say

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites required to volunteer with Proveda?

Subject to a Criminal Record Check, anyone over the age of 18 can be a volunteer – training is provided.

How much time is required to be a Proveda Community Volunteer?

The answer to this question depends on the time you have available and the person you are connected with. Our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with you and takes the time to match people together locally and with time available to assist that person.

What is my weekly commitment to volunteering?

You can discuss what time you have available with our Volunteer Coordinator during the application process. Some volunteers have regular contact with a client, weekly or less often and some volunteers put their hand up to action one off tasks. The choice is yours.

What skills do I need to become a Proveda Volunteer or what tasks will I be asked to do?

Our volunteers support a range of people doing face to face visits, phone calls, visiting at home, or in the community, visiting residents in Residential Aged Care, shopping, gardening, IT support to name a few, and the Belong Club which hosts group online and face to face events. But mostly we find you just need to be a good listener and willing to make a new friend! If you do have a particular interest or hobby/skill please let our Volunteer Coordinator know when you register.

Don't See Your Question Here?

There Are Many Ways You Can Help

There are many opportunities to make a real difference in peoples’ lives. From hosting a local fundraising event, to hosting a Belong Club session. Volunteering your talent or time helps to build a stronger, more compassionate, connected and caring community.
Many older people can feel lonely and isolated as they get older. Volunteer to provide companionship and to share interests and hobbies.
Take someone out who is looking for companionship on a special outing. Provide them with a new experience.
Volunteers are often needed to help with basic chores, or to share knowledge and skills to teach something new.
Offer to help someone who is struggling around their home or with their garden by assisting with minor tasks.
Help someone to get outside, go for a short walk, or connect with friends and family they may not have seen in some time.
Volunteers are always sought to deliver meals to the vulnerable. It doesn't take much time but is extremely valuable.
Host a Belong Club event in-person or online, or if you are tech savvy, offer to provide support to our senior community members.

Volunteer Stories

Our volunteers are always keen to share their stories and why being a volunteer is important to them.

In our news articles you can read more about their stories and learn more about the important work they do each and every day.

Volunteering can be really satisfying and our members enjoy telling you why.

Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme

We are proud to be able to deliver our Volunteer Program under the Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme which is funded by the Australian Government.

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